Abstract Horse Art by American Artist Robert Joyner

Contemporary horse racing painting

Details About This Equine Artwork

Acrylic on paper, measures 22" x 15" and is sold unframed.

Inspiration and Technique Used For This Horse Painting

I started painting horse racing themes last summer when the Kentucky Derby happened to be on when I was visiting my Mom. The colorful uniforms grabbed my attention and I decided at that moment to give it a try.

As with many of my paintings, I started with a reject. I first added some browns to establish the horses. From there I added a touch here and there for the jockey's, being sure not to get caught up in all the details. Ii continued working the painting back and forth in this manner until I was satisfied. I returned the next day and wasn't too happy, just felt the painting was a bit dull-color-wise. I added a pop of white for the jockey pants, lightened the background a smidgen, and a few darker tones to the horses. Now I was happy and considered this one blog-worthy.

If you would like to learn more about my techniques, check out the video demonstrations and tutorials.

Here Are Some Close-Up Images So You Can Appreciate The Brushwork

How To Purchase This Abstract Horse Racing Painting
You can now make this painting yours by visiting my Etsy shop. There you'll also discover over 200 original paintings for sale.
Parting Thoughts and Other Stuff
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If you would like to see more contemporary horse paintings by American artist Robert Joyner, visit his website at www.robertjoynerartist.com

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