Dressage Horse Artwork. Contemporary Equine Painting by American Artist Robert Joyner.

Dressage horse painting

Details About This Artwork

Acrylic on canvas board, measures 24" x 18" and is available unframed
Visit Robert's website site to see more contemporary artwork.

Inspiration And Technique Used For This Expressive Equine Painting

This is the winner of the poll several weeks ago. I've been buried with commission paintings but have recently found the time to get some of the previous winners painted. This particular poll consisted of the most popular 'other' guesses. I'll often allow voters to add their own opinion for what subjects I'll paint which allows me the opportunity to work with new themes.

Like many of my paintings, I started with blocking in some larger blocks of color that will loosely position the subject on the canvas. From that point I'll keep adding layers until I feel there is enough detail and the colors seemed balanced. There's no real formula for this, but I figure if it pleases the eyes, it must be done. Visit the tutorials and video demonstrations to see more about these techniques.

Detail Images So You Can Appreciate The Abstract Brushwork

How To Purchase This Painting
This piece is now available at my Etsy shop. Be sure to stop in and browse over 200 original paintings for sale.

That's about all folks. I'll see you back here tomorrow. Bye!

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