URGENCY Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace

30 x 40 inches Oil on Canvas         
© Laurie Pace Graphics One Design 1998-2011  
Contact me: Laurie

This painting will be at my show at Mirada Fine Art, opening in July 2011. 
Contact Steve at Mirada Fine Art.

 Okay so I scraped The Majestic Three and they become the URGENT two.  The Abstract Horse Painting is very unpredictable.  I finish a painting and I know.. I know before I walk away from the canvas that the journey is not done. I know that I have to go back and rework and free the horses.  It happens every time I try to do an impressionistic equine piece.

The layering of color with a palette knife is never predictable. Emotion and eye control the placement and use of color on the canvas.

Enjoy! Visit my daily blog at www.lauriepace.blogspot.com


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