Spirit of the Race by Kay Wyne

Spirit of the Race
30" x 30" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Spirited Horse Painting
This painting was inspired by a photograph that I took at the Lone Star Race Track in Grand Prairie, Texas. It was a very warm and sunny day, and all of the jockeys in colorful jerseys really caught my eye. There were seven horses out of the gate on this race, but I decided to focus on two horses for this painting. I had the starting gates painted in, but decided that the background needed to leave more to the imagination of the viewer's eye. I did not want to give away too much information. So, I focused on the horses and the energy on the track. I used wide brushes, oil pastels sticks and the palette knife.
Close-up. This painting is too wet to move off the easel. I will take a better photograph of it in natural light once it dries. Thanks for looking at my art.....Kay at 214-532-0325
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