"Seeking the Son" acrylic by Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

"Seeking the Son" 

Here's #4 in my horses and flowers series. This has so many messages given the title- "Seeking the Son". Taken literally in my view, I love the warm weather and longer days. I love the feeling of warmth from the sun on my face and skin. (I do wear sunscreen and try to shade my face for the most part to be safe.) Taken symbolically- the sunflower, a huge, bright, seed nourishing flower that resembles our sun not only in color and size celestially with it's light that transforms the earth into a living orb, but in size relative to other flower species. I also seek the light of the sun spiritually, so play on the spelling and you get Son, the Son of God. I pray for enlightenment, to understand myself and the world around me better, that the muddy colors of distress, confusion and despair clarify and become rich and saturated with peace and happiness. As you can see, the horse is rising upwards towards this ideal, the utopia, the bearer of light. What does this painting mean to you, what does it say to you- do you feel it's message in your soul? Painted with acrylic on a 20"x16"x1.5" gallery wrap canvas.
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