Original Acrylic Artwork by Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy- 60 for $60 Summer 2013 Series

July 22nd

July 23rd

Number #52 & #53 of my 60 days of 6"x 6"x 1.5" gallery wrap canvases for $60 each with $6 of each sale going towards horse rescue efforts. Shipping is $3.50 each unless otherwise noted. Every day for 60 days starting today, June 1st, I will post a new painting until I reach #60. If you see one you like please contact me at mccoysartworks@gmail.com for more info. Immediate payment is required unless other arrangements are made. Paypal accepted. Thank you!
Due to an extended internet outage coupled with a faulty modem, I've been unable to access the internet since July 11th, I apologize for the break in daily posting, I will post 2 a day until caught up. It's good to be back! 

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