Lickety Split by Kay Wyne

Lickety Split
48" x 48" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Equine Art
With a few details to go, a few strokes here
and could be completed today.
I want to work on the eyes, and have a
critique on it at the studio.  It is always 
good to have some input from other
artists.  I wanted the horses to be bold,
energetic and colorful with lots of 
movement and personality.  My 
reference photos for this painting was
from three different sources/photos that
I took at different times and locations.  The
background and foreground has changed
from the initial composition.  More work
in the studio today, as I am starting a 
new series for 2014!
Contact Kay for information
on this painting.  Today is Day 4 of the
Thanks for viewing....KMW

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