Original Acrylic Artwork by Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

"Live Again"

On January 30th, I lost my 28 year old niece unexpectedly. It hit my family and her parents very badly, and I as well. I live a distance away so my visits have been quite limited. Last time I saw her was at Christmas 2012. I cannot wrap my mind around that I will never see her again, get hugs, hear her laughter, see her beautiful eyes and rosy cheeks. I spent days in tearful grief, and as I've come to do, was moved to put my feelings on canvas. I had started this painting already but it soon morphed into the message I have for her- "Live Again". I know it can't come true physically, but her memory will never die. This is for you Jessica. Love you, Aunt Jonelle  

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  1. this is such a beautiful & strong painting and what a beautiful tribute to your niece. So sorry for your loss.