Abstract Horse Art by Oklahoma Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy "Heart of the Matter "

© "Heart of the Matter"

Though this painting was completed on February 15th, this is the first it's been publicly featured. It will be in an ad with the Visual Language online publication in the coming month of May. For equine artists this May issue will be a real treat since it's an equine theme, plus I'll have an equine painting featured in the winning line up of the AOT (Artists of Texas) Rites of Spring online art show, and there will be a studio article about me and my art. http://www.visuallanguagemagazine.com/ 
Also of note with this painting is the quite visible heart on her cheek, the heart is where the soul connects the ethereal to the physical in my opinion- so in one way or another my paintings will have a heart in them somewhere- whether obvious as this one, or small and hidden, and to those who are adept at seeing more than just the paint, but the soul of the image I've created. "Heart of the Matter" has been painted with acrylics on a 20" x 16"x 1.5" gallery wrap canvas and is available through my home studio for $450.00 + shipping. 

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