Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy "Zero to 60"

© "Zero to 60"
Sometimes what I see I perceive differently the first time I view it then later I take a second look interpreting what I see in a new light and with renewed interest, unlike falling in love instantly, love grows slower and with greater appreciation. This 30"x 24" acrylic painting "Zero to 60" hit me that way. I finished it up, looked at it, and was so discouraged. I felt it was a mess. It sat for 3 days out of sight, then I took it out to decide- keep? Or scrap. Wait a minute I mused, this isn't all that bad. This painting has become the favorite of quite a few folks, my husband included- he requested it not be sold since he wanted to enjoy it for awhile. I entered it in a show and won one of my first blue ribbons, how elated I was! I'd had it professionally framed in a bright vibrant red outer frame with a zingy equally bright inner stack yellow frame and how great that set off the painting! I am pretty sure I'm going to enter it in a juried museum show coming up this summer. It's only been seen publicly a couple of times, it's about time it had a larger audience. I convinced my husband it was time. It's so bright and just gorgeous. And to think I was going to shrug it off......      

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