Art by Oklahoma Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy "Dancing Palomino H'art"

© "Dancing Palomino H'art"
When I saw these little heart shapes I just knew they would be a fun project for me, and I was right. I enjoy taking them out ever so often and having fun creating equine art on a shape I feel is important. The heart is a symbol of so much, love, soul, empathy, courage, bravery, compassion etc. The breed I love, the Paso Fino, possesses "brio", this is the heart of the horse, it's pride, it's excellent work ethic, it's willingness to please, it's charisma and presence. No wonder I love to paint the paso's, they have so much to tap into creatively! The hearts are heavy stiff cardboard with canvas on both sides, measuring about 5 1/2" at any of the wides parts, and 1/8th inch thick. "Dancing Palomino H'art" was sold very quickly after seen. Oh how I love those golden horses!

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