Art by Abstract Contemporary Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

"Perigee Moon" 36"x36"x1.5"
I've been itching to try the new acrylic spray paints in conjunction with my acrylic equine artwork. I'm not unfamiliar with spraying, I've done airbrush and used spray paints at my scenic art jobs for over 20 years off and on. But not for me, not for my paintings. The painting "Perigee Moon" is my first large equine work using them- it's 36"x36"x1.5" gallery wrap in acrylic. Last year the huge Perigee full moon in the summer just entralled me. I had to get that vision down. Took me almost a year, but there it is. I am very pleased with the outcome. Enough so that soon I will have a run of limited reproduction prints made. When? That's TBA. This painting was done specifically for the exhibit "The Horse; Spirit, Art, and Soul" held in El Paso at the art museum. I have 3 acrylic paintings entered in total.       
"Perigee Moon", "Zero to 60", and "Break Free" are available for sale, if interested, the Museum will be accepting inquiries starting on August 3rd when the exhibit opens.

Opening Reception, Artists will be in attendance
The Horse; Spirit, Art, and Soul
A Signature Members exhibit for the Institute of Equine Artists
The public is invited to attend
Please join us for refreshments and hors d'oeuvres
International Museum of Art (IMA)
1211 Montana Ave.
El Paso, Texas 79902

Opening reception: Sunday - August 3rd, 2014  2-4:30 pm
Exhibition concludes September 28th, 2014

The International Museum of Art is proud to present:
The Horse; Spirit, Art, and Soul is a Signature Members exhibition of Equine Art in different media forms.

Founded September 16, 2010 by USA Equine Artist, Deborah Flood, The International Equine Artists was formed for artists who enjoy creating the horse in art. The group started out as a handful of equine artists from the USA, Canada and Australia, who wanted a place to network, share, and have an online community and professional presence. The Organization is based in the USA, but to accommodate those two other Countries, "International" was added to the Business Name. As the group became more popular, more artists from many different Countries around the globe requested to join. The membership has blossomed into a wonderfully diverse group of artists.

Carolyn Casarez, Director
Oscar Navarro, Community Engagement Manager
915 543 6747

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