Art by Abstract Contemporary Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

As an owner of a gaited horse breed, the paso fino, I am used to the rhythmic sound that my horses feet make when ridden, they have perfect cadence and the sound is sweet music to my ears, and the ride to my comfort. I love to use words in unconventional ways as part of the appeal of my paintings, and this solo show is no different since you would think of a music name as rhythm and blues, my show is called "Rhythm and Hooves". This set combines a mix of music and music/dance themes portrayed by my painted horse creations. Pictured is "Duet" 20x16 gallery wrap acrylic. If you're in the Shawnee, Oklahoma area for First Friday September 5th when the show opens, be sure to stop in at the Sweet Earth Studio starting at 5PM and let the melody of hoof beats stir your soul! 

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