Art by Abstract Contemporary Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "My Many Roses"
A very dear and long time friend commissioned me to do a family portrait for her mothers birthday, but with a twist. I was to paint her mother, her daughters and her grandchildren all represented as horses. And on the more realistic side, not my usual approach, no stylized lines. It took me a long time to complete since I gave it a little attention each day, but finally came to completion. Her mothers middle name is Rose, and she loves roses, so I added wild roses as the backdrop. Each horse has the coloring of the person- blonds, brunette, auburn and eye color of each family member too. I saw a photo of her after she'd unwrapped it, and knew by the joy on her face I'd done a perfect job- a unique gift given with deep love, and done in a way to please a mothers heart.

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