Art by Abstract Contemporary Oklahoma Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

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Though we are still in the first week of August, I'm already thinking about the soon to be here state fair. So far every year I've entered artwork to be judged and displayed for the 10 days the fair is open to the public. My mouth is already watering thinking about the huge hot, chewy, sticky delicious cinnamon buns. I have entered painted clothing I've done, and I think this year I will enter this intense copper and golden brown horse head painted on a casual dress jacket. As with all the metallic paints, the camera just doesn't capture the metallic glistening and neither does it capture the brilliance of the real Swarovski lead crystal accents I painstakingly glue on one by one. I love showing them off and wearing the items I paint, I will miss being able to wear it while on display!   

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