Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "My H'art Leapt"

I found these small heart shaped canvases at my favorite art supply store, and I immediately knew I would enjoy painting little equines on them. They are made of very stiff pressed cardboard that is about 1/8th inch thick and have canvas on both sides. They are within a 5 1/2" square measurement in size flat. I create these with my line style in acrylics. I call them my Horse H'art Series, and I try to incorporate the word h'art in the titles, sometimes as it is spelled as part of a word, sometimes used phonetically. In the coming weeks as we get closer to Christmas I will be starting to have giveaways for my fans and collectors, and there will be some H'arts in the mix. To get involved, join me on my Facebook art page:

Jonelle T. McCoy
McCoy's Gaited Horse Artworks
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