Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "Fire Run"

Every year that I put together my art calendar collection, I try to have a month or two with a surprise painting not yet released to the public. This year was no different, and I am now introducing this years surprise- "Fire Run".  My signature equine form here has been laid out as a dimensional raised lines and I've used acrylic texture mediums to further give this horse impact and visual interest. 

"Fire Run" features a handsome paso fino with bright and contrasting teal and turquoise hair against a rich and vibrant reddish orange atmosphere of a massive blaze. There are three other horses in the background running out towards the main horse and viewer just behind some brush that is also in the cool contrasting blue/greens. There is plenty of energy in this painting, but it is not over the top. Though concerned, the focal horse has a confidence in his eye that lends a feeling of grounded faith, that there is hope, that there is a power to trust in to get through the crisis. 

I have a tendancy to panic and/or get wound up when pushed or faced with elements in my life that I can't control- the demanding pressures that I have to deal with occasionally. In that state of inner turmoil and chaos I sometimes forget that there is a higher power that watches over me to give me trust and faith that I will get through it. 

I am the type who's nerves can fire off explosievly in stressful situations. How do you handle stress? Are you the leader who can remain calm and take charge reassuring others? Or are you the type like me that needs to be grounded and brought back to rationality? 

"Fire Run" has already sold, and will be moving to Canada in 2015. I invite you to sign up for my newsletter to have updates and to stay in touch, find the sign up on my home page  Thank you!

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