Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "Budweiser"

When I went to paint this gelding named Budweiser due to his flashy chrome (white) markings, I had every intention of painting him in my usual way, with lines to express the personality and character of my equine subjects, but this fellow had other ideas. The few starts on canvas of him just weren't right, the energy and flow was lacking. So I stepped back and studied him opening my mind, and there it was- this heart horse was just wanting to be real, there, pure and simple for his owner. The warm oranges emanate the happy, optimistic, bright and honest character of Budweiser, and his gentle yet engaging eyes seem to flow like warm butter into all the cracks in your being. He's beseeching you to just look, connect, and stay in his world. 

My usual approach just wasn't the right path to take in this instance, and I had to trust that the feelings I was getting were the way to go. It's not always comfortable to go against the grain of your tried and true way of doing things, but sometimes that difficulty in changing direction is meant to open new options for better results.

Jonelle T. McCoy
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