© "Poppy"

This is a revisit to a painting I did awhile ago that was done with the rarer white lines of my signature style. This horse could represent any of the bay paso fino's I've own, and I painted the horse in a field of poppies with the wind sweeping the horses mane, the flowers and the grasses. "Poppy" was one of the paintings in my first solo show and was also the first painting to sell. Sadly there was someone who loved it then, and still does now, that wasn't able to purchase it, and she mentioned this painting the other day. I did not expect that painting to be the first to sell, and because of that, I got the inspiration that horses with flowers was a place I wanted to further explore. Many were done, and there is sure to be more created as time rolls along. On a cold winter night it's nice to feel the warm winds caressing your skin while surrounded by lovely red poppies under the big umbrella of blue summer sky. 

Jonelle T. McCoy
McCoy's Gaited Horse Artworks
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