Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "Coffee with Creme"

I am in LOVE with the palomino horse coat color, and the darker and richer the gold, the more I like it. I have a lovely and very sweet paso fino mare I rescued who is wheaten color in winter, but when she sheds out for summer, he coat dapples and deepens considerably to almost being chocolate. This painting was inspired by my coffee one morning, the creamer in it gave it this lovely golden caramel color, and I painted this as a golden palomino paso fino stallion. And I called it "Coffee with Creme". In horse coat color language, the gene that makes the horse golden colored is the creme gene. So there is my fun little word twist to the paintings title. I love doing that too! Painted with acrylic on a standard unframed 24"x20" canvas. 

Jonelle T. McCoy
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