Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "Masquerade"

Used to be a time when I wore makeup, regularly and especially when I went out to be with friends or on dates. The colors, the lines, the particular way it was applied was an art, simple, but effective. For a very long time now I've been more focused on my assessors, oh how I love my jewelry, especially purple gems and semi-precious stones. By applying these dressings, we change how we look, and it sends a message. How you perceive that message is a personal observation. 
Lately my focus on the work I've been doing has been on Indian War painted horses, adorned with feathers and painted symbols on their faces, necks, shoulder and rumps. I use both real symbols traditionally used when Native American War parties were waged, and I have also took the liberty to create my own to suit myself and my message, my feelings, my observation. I'm finding this avenue most enjoyable. The first, and most inspiring, was used with my ever present muse and model Adonis, our gorgeous charismatic Paso Fino stallion. I added the feathers, the war paint, and the costume of changing his rump to be an appaloosa (I love those spots they have!) and realized it was like dressing up to go out on the town, like going to a costume party, and the title "Masquerade" was just perfect. Adonis is my husbands heart horse, he was thrilled with this painting, and it now hangs on the wall in our home, as a gift to my sweetheart for his April birthday. If I saw this in a gallery, I'd be stuck in front of it soaking it all in. Yeah, I like it that much! Hope you do too. No reproductive prints have as yet been offered. 

Jonelle T. McCoy
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