Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

© "Harbinger"

Since my work has currently taken on a theme of western ideas, such as my war horses, I felt it was time to offer for the first time out of my own personal collection my acrylic painting named "Harbinger" in it's perfectly complimentary gorgeous professional frame. Originally this painting was going to be the showpiece for my first solo show at the Sweet Earth gallery in Shawnee, OK, but after getting it framed, and hanging it on the wall (what better way to store a painting while you finish the rest for the show?) it fit there so well it stayed. 
The first horse I bought when I moved to Oklahoma was a BLM mustang. What a horse I got for my $125.00! I named him Mercury- winged Messenger of the Gods. Under the dirty crust of caked mud and tangled mane and tail was one of the smartest, charismatic, savoy, unafraid, and a true leader with a regal bearing and such a character. I think of him when I see the "Harbinger" painting. At that point in my career as a fine artist I was just taking my first steps into having my work seen in person in a solo show as mentioned above. I had no idea where my art would take me, but I felt there was change coming, and I was excited about that prospect. So "Harbinger" represents the dream and anticipation of an upward direction in honing my style, my techniques, my emotions on canvas. 
That mustang on the high vista with his head turned into the wind, with one of his mares just below, will always represent a turning point in my fine art career. I now offer it up to you for the first time, with it's public introduction at the Kasum Contemporary Fine Art gallery in OKC. For info on purchasing go here for "Harbinger"
May the winds of change bring us all better things with which to enrich our lives. Jonelle

Jonelle T. McCoy
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