Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

"Desiring Unity" 30"x30"x1.5" textured acrylic- $1450.00
#41 July 31st Summer 2015 60 Series
    As promised, here is another 60 series inspired piece, this one stems from #41 July 31st which had the two horses and varying colors. This was one of those surprise paintings that developed itself and I fell in love with it, I just knew it had to be explored again larger and in deeper detail. I chose a 30" square gallery wrap canvas and went from there with my line textures, fiber paste and pumice made up the filler on the faces and background. 
     I don't often paint horses in tandem, but when I have, I've been very pleased. "Desiring Unity" creates a message relating to the rift in our lives that forces wish to keep in place to drive us apart. Separate sticks can be snapped easily, but bundle those sticks and the strength in numbers gives resilience. There are some who understand this, as the bottom horse expresses with the calm and welcoming eyes, and some are scared and unsure, as seen in the top horses eyes. So which will prevail? I personally wish for unity, peace, and equality. "Desiring Unity" priced at $1450.00

    Next blog post will be one using the palette of "Eternal Flame", the brick reds and turquoise. 

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