Commission horse painting by Robert Joyner

Mixed media horse painting

Details about this painting

20" x 20", mixed media on paper.

Inspiration and technique behind this expressive equine painting

Several months ago, I painted a similar piece as this one that sold. However, Doug -the proud owner of this painting-was searching Google one day for a horse themed painting to add to his collection. He came across my work and was immediately attracted to the colors and style of the original painting. He contacted me to see if I would be interested in painting a similar piece for he and his wife. I was happy to accommodate them and here is the result.

The painting is a combination of acrylic paint and a touch of charcoal. I started with thin layers of acrylic and slowly built the painting in several stages. The charcoal was added before the final layer of acrylic.

Here are some close-up images so you can appreciate the brushwork. I've included a framed image for display purposes only.

A special 'Thank-you' to Doug and his wife for the business. He has received the painting and 'loves it'.

Parting thoughts

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