Art by Oklahoma Abstract Contemporary Equine Artist Jonelle T. McCoy

I'm wearing a t-shirt given to me for an equine art festival that was held in Upstate NY this summer. I would have been able to participate if I'd been there in person, sure wish I'd gone since another trip I'd planned on since last year didn't pan out. I would have been able to show some of my art and see family, a huge bonus! I have been a supporter of this venture since I heard of it, and hope to be able to join in next year in person, but possibly even if I can't go. I'm holding the acrylic painting "Duet" in my "Rhythm and Hooves" theme solo show coming up September 5th at the Sweet Earth Studio Mingle Gallery in Shawnee, OK. Behind me are two of my paso fino's, Pocket and Karma.

Jonelle T. McCoy
McCoy's Gaited Horse Artworks
Your Equine Art Connection!

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